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Enhanced Stock: Stopflex Hose Retention System

Posted: 27/09/2019

FTUK are pleased to announce an enhanced stock holding of Stopflex® hose retention system products.  

The Stopflex® hose retention system is designed to prevent the whipping of pressurised hoses, should they separate from their fittings. Suitable for all kinds of flexible hose, Stopflex® protects both the operator and components and is recommended by the International Hydraulic Safety Authority - the world leader in hydraulic safety training.  It is also compliant with EN 853, EN 854, EN 855, EN 856, EN 857 and SAE J517.

Here's how it works:

1: DISENGAGEMENT: A hose disengages from its ferrule.

2: RELEASE / VENTING OF PRESSURE: The pressurised oil exits from the hose and the release of energy results in the hose gaining considerable velocity, triggering a hazardous “whip effect” which is very dangerous to anyone or anything in its vicinity.

3: RESTRAINT: This is where the Stopflex system gets into operation: the stainless steel cable is tensioned and restrains the hose, preventing it from ‘whipping’. The plate cuts into the rubber of the hose, to ensure that the clamp remains firmly attached. The hose clamp and plate absorb the force released from the travel of the flexible hose. This critical step occurs within just a few seconds.

See more details of the Stopflex® hose retention system here

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