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Announcement: Rectus 26 Series Updated Design

Posted: 22/06/2017

The Rectus 26 Series (brass material) from Parker has been upgraded to a technically improved version which will start to replace the current design as stocks are replenished.

This new design has a lower connecting/disconnecting force which allows the user to operate with less effort. This is made possible by using a spring with an optimised spring force which also maintains the vacuum stability of the current design.

A further improvement is the placement of the O-Ring, which is now seated in a chamber for better protection against possible damage from the front face of the plug, resulting in an extended lifespan.

Please note:

•This change affects all Series 26 in brass (single shut off (KA), double shut off (KB) and straight through versions (KF), including all special versions (all O-ring variants and surface treatments).

•The Series 26KE Self Venting version is not affected by this change.

These technical improvements have no effect on form, fit and function.