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Our Partnership with Birchwood

Posted: 23/12/2019

We are pleased to announce that Flowtechnology UK has begun a partnership with a local charity called The Birchwood Centre. Birchwood works closely within our local community to provide a range of vital services to vulnerable adults and young people. These services include: helping to prevent homelessness with accommodation options, reducing social isolation and improving health and well- being.

Birchwood began their journey more than thirty years ago and over the years they have progressed in expanding their work within West Lancashire. Over time they have grown and developed their services, connecting to more and more people through methods such as: counselling services, mediation services, therapeutic accommodation, dispersed services in the community, support with employment, training, a ‘Junk Food Café’- and many more!

The Junk Food Café is a brilliant initiative that Birchwood have orchestrated, and is a clear example of how this charity are committed to helping as many members of our community as they can. The aim of the café is simple: to reduce the amount of waste food that ends up in landfill. The café is run by Birchwood staff and some amazing volunteers; who turn up every week to create a safe space for people to come together and socialise with one another. Not only are those who come along able to socialise, but they will also be able to receive a plate full of nutritious food to enjoy.    

Birchwood also offers a service called ‘Birchwood Catering’- where they offer numerous catering options for a range of events across West Lancashire. Here at Flowtechnology UK, we have recently tried and tested their catering- and the food really is delicious! (See below the amazing spread we had prepared for us). What’s more, all of the profit generated by the catering services are reinvested back into the charity. You can find the details on how to book their brilliant catering services, via their Facebook page.

Lee James, the Operations Manager at The Birchwood Centre, has commented “This partnership with Flowtechnology UK will enable Birchwood as a charity to continue to grow and flourish, and offer sustainable services to vulnerable groups of people within the local community. Working this closely with Flowtechnology will provide invaluable business support drawing on a wider spectrum of knowledge and expertise that can be transferred into our charity sector”. 

With this partnership, we will assist Birchwood by offering expertise in multiple business support areas, ranging from social media and marketing, to employability; as well as fundraising- to ensure that Birchwood can continue their admirable and vital work within our surrounding area.

Cheryl Philbin, the Head of Communications at Flowtechnology UK, has commented “It is incredible to be working with a charity who does such commendable work- especially within our local area! Through sharing our business knowledge, and with multiple fundraising events, we hope to make our community a better place with this partnership, and to aid Birchwood in continuing their already extremely impressive journey.”

We are really looking forward to what the future will hold with this collaboration, and we will keep you updated as our partnership flourishes!

To find out even more about who Birchwood are and what they do, visit their website

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