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Staff BFPA Hose Assembly Skills Training

Posted: 07/11/2019

We would like to congratulate two members of our team: Tom Helm, in our Core BDT department, and Steven Topping, in our Technical department, for completing the BFPA ‘Hose Assembly Skills Training’ Programme.

This particular BFPA course is a two day programme, in which the candidates receive both theoretical and practical training. The first day being in the classroom, and the second day being a practical day, which includes using the swage machine to build a hydraulic hose.

The course features modules such as: ‘Thread Awareness’, where the candidates learn about the different thread options used for hydraulic connections, on both the hose & the adaptors. The ‘Hose Assembly Safety’ module, covers safety requirements for building hose assemblies, and why it’s important to swage the hose to the correct swage diameter, understanding a hose lifespan and how to work out when a hose needs replacing.  The course also includes a ‘Hose Contamination’ module, which explains various ways which a hose assembly could be contaminated and how to avoid it; for example, when cutting the hose, making sure it is free of debris. 

The practical they completed on the second day, consisted of actually building a number of different hose assemblies: measuring and assembling the hose, working out swage diameters, setting the swage machine up etc.

Reflecting on the course, Tom Helm said “I really enjoyed the course, I found it very informative and professionally delivered by the instructor”. Steven Topping commented “I’ve assembled hoses for a number of years, so it was great to refresh, update and further develop my skills in this area. I can now pass on this knowledge to colleagues and use it to further advise customers”.

It is important that our staff attend these types of training courses, as they are incredibly informative, and helps them to develop even greater levels of knowledge and experience. This means that they have the best possible skills and information available, enabling them to support our customers even further.

Congratulations again!

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